Wedding Photography Wollongong

Our Wedding Photography Wollongong Dos and Don’ts: Creating Memories

It takes a lot more than just turning up with a camera to be a wedding photographer. In an ideal world, you’ll be making a visual family heirloom that will be remembered fondly for years to come. It’s a tall order: you’re photographing a couple’s special day for the first and only time. So, here are some experienced Wedding Photography Wollongong dos and don’ts.


Learn how to expose a bridal gown properly.

To hold the gown white in the bridal portraitures, show slightly more than the camera’s prescribed exposure, but not so many that the gown becomes a mass of white with no detail. After the first shot, check the exposure and make any necessary adjustments. Although a small amount of underexposure can be corrected in post-production, Wollongong Photographer doesn’t want to lose any detail in the groom’s dark suit. Many cameras have a highlight alert feature that flashes overexposed areas at you after taking the picture, enabling you to retake it.

Recruit a second shooter or a helper.

On a big job like the wedding photo shoot, it’s always a good thing to have a backup. If the couple decides to employ a videographer, both still photography and video must be shot by two separate individuals.

Meet with the couple ahead of time to plan a shooting schedule.

It’s important to understand what they want to be photographed during the wedding photoshoot. They’ll want you to photograph the bride and groom’s first kiss, the bouquet toss, the first dance, and the carving of the wedding cake at the reception, among other things. Before the big day, spend some time getting to know the pair. It would help if you learned about their preferences and priorities.


Don’t jump in too quickly.

Please don’t take on the task of photographing a wedding until you’re sure you can handle it. Before committing to photographing a wedding, it’s important, to be honest with yourself about your skills and experience.

Please don’t take it for granted that you’ll be able to use flash anywhere.

Find out ahead of time if the wedding venue has any limits. Churches also prohibit flash photography during services due to the disruption it causes. Wollongong Wedding Photographer[A1] [A2]  is ready to shoot at a higher ISO setting with your Sony camera if that’s the case.

Don’t just take posed portraits of the bride and groom and their entourage.

Remember that Photographers in Wollongong are a combination of photojournalism and staged portraits. Often the most powerful pictures are the ones that weren’t designed ahead of time. Look for things like a proud father’s emotion as he leads his daughter down the aisle or a casual embrace between the bride and groom.