Baby Photography in Wollongong

Need amazing baby pictures? Here are some lovely tips.

Having a baby is a great feeling for every couple …., and capturing those priceless moments of your cutie makes the experience all the more joyful.

You don’t want that cute grin to be a tale you tell your kid someday, and it should not.

If you want to go all the way, you can consider hiring the services of some of the best baby photography in Wollongong.

However, if you are a little tight on your budget, you don’t have to sacrifice your child`s few steps or laughter because of that. You can pick up any camera (even your smartphone) and do your baby`s shoot yourself.

These days, the regular android camera is just as powerful as the digital camera, so just whip out your smartphone and follow these tips in this post to help you take those amazing photos.

Natural light:

Understanding all the techy stuff about lights can be a bit frustrating, and remember we are trying to get the most with what you`ve got. So, you might as well ignore all that fancy flash settings and stick to getting more natural lights for your shoot.

If you can get your hands dirty by learning about all that flash settings, by all means, do: it will make sure your picture comes out great.

All you need to do is get your baby settled where there is enough sunlight (just enough to take the picture without your baby squinting).


Another important tip to make your photos look great and possibly have a close-to-pro picture is adding a DIY backdrop.

Clear away the clutter in the background and place your baby on a couch with a white drape sheet spread on it or try taping a wrapping paper to the wall.

The goal here is to get the right background to enhance the looks of your little charmer. Do not get worked up yet if the outcome isn`t so great.

There are a couple of editing tools that can help you with a stellar photograph or you can crop out the clutters in the background to zoom in on your baby.

If you give it a little thought, you can as well play around with the background and get amazing results. A little out-of-the-box thing is all it takes.

Belly first:

To ensure your bundle doesn’t give you a hard time taking photos, you might want to feed her first. Make sure she is well-rested too.

Your baby`s photograph should be well planned; make sure she wears comfortable clothes and diapers for the shoot.

Record progress;

The thing with taking your baby`s photo is that; you get to relive the moments and have a hearty laugh once in a while. You should keep track of your baby`s growth.

Don’t treat it as the regular event photography in Wollongong where the shoots are pre-planned already.

Be spontaneous about it: have your camera around, and you will find more exciting poses … you can use. You can take photos from the first cry (if you are about to have kids) to the first lone-tooth.

Explore more apps:

Like we have rightly pointed, there are several things you can do on your phone nowadays at little or no cost.

Some apps allow you to edit your child`s photos right on your phone with ease. Nothing those baby photography in Wollongong do on their fancy cameras that you cannot do. Finding the right app for it is what it takes.

Get the angle right;

Yes, the angles mean a lot for your baby`s shoot. You may not get it right off the bat, but you will find shots that give you or anyone for that matter the “wow” effect.

One trick is to try getting low to their level. This allows a variety of openings for angles that you wouldn’t see perhaps on your tripod.

Another shot you can try out is the close-up. This allows you to zero in on those cute features of your baby.

You can take photos of her foot, belly button, first tooth, eyes, hair, and the list is endless.

Safety first;

The need to make sure your child is safe cannot be overemphasized. Although taking a newborn photo doesn’t require a lot of poses, if you need help with one, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

If you are working with props or trying out a difficult pose, you will need to have someone around to give you a hand.

Wrap up;

Alright, those are some of the tips and tricks you can adopt to get the perfect baby photograph.

Remember that you are not trying to stack up photos for the gallery. You want to capture the best moments of your child.

Try out a couple of tools on your phone or get a small camera for this purpose.

If any of these feels like a lot to take in, get help from the best baby photography in Wollongong.