Why we excel at Portraiture

A good portrait captures the essence of the subject, distills it down to one moment, one frame that conveys the desired feeling to the viewer. A portrait is compassionate, intuitive, that’s why we take the time to get to know you, to listen to your needs, and to pay attention to what you need from the portrait. Whether you’re bringing life into the world and you want to show your nurturing side, or you need an industry headshot that shows you’re trustworthy and honest, you can trust us to portray that.


For a Portrait Photography Wollongong, the camera is only the canvas, aperture and shutter speed are simple, anyone can master them with ease, the photographer’s paint is light. Light can illuminate and create shadows and its manipulation is what makes or breaks a portrait. We have extensive experience in using light, both artificial light from external flashes or strobes, and natural light from the sun. Different kinds of light gives different feels to the image and therefore must be selected carefully and with experience.


Direction is an essential part of the Portrait Photographer’s job, from where to stant, how to stand, how to hold one’s face, without direction a portrait often looks awkward or, poorly composed. Amature photographers often make the mistake of trying to tell the subject what to do, but we tell the subject a story. Stories are how we convey emotion to the people around us, and emotion is the real substance of a portrait.


We bring professionalism, experience, knowledge and compassion to the table, but more importantly than that we will take care of the experience, you will feel like you’re being photographed by a friend or someone you trust, and that is why we excel at portrait photography