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5 Techniques for Creating Stunning Portraits For Incredible Results, Hire a Portrait Photographer in Wollongong

It’s one thing to have a portrait that meets all the rules, but it recently occurred to me that the most striking portraits are always those that defy them by our Portrait Photographer Wollongong.

1. Change your viewpoint.

The majority of portraits are taken with the camera by Photographers in Wollongong at (or near) the subject’s eye level. Although this is common sense, fully adjusting the angle from which you film your portraits can give them a real wow factor.

Get as high as you can and shoot down on your subject, or get as low as you can and shoot up. In either case, you’ll be seeing your subject from an intriguing perspective with the help of our Professional Photographers, Wollongong.

2. Experiment with eye contact.

It’s incredible how much the position of your subject’s eyes can influence the outcome of a photograph by our Wollongong Photographer. The subject of most portraits looks down the lens, which can establish a real sense of connection between the subject and those viewing the picture.

3. Disobey compositional law

While knowing and employing composition rules is beneficial, knowing them often allows you to violate them, which can result in eye-catching results purposefully. One law that can be useful to break is the rule of thirds. Because your subject is dead-center, you can often get a powerful picture. Also, imaginative positioning of your subject on the edge of a shot can yield interesting results.

4. Play about with the lighting.

The way you light your portraits is another way to incorporate randomness into them. The possibilities for using light in portrait photography are nearly infinite. Backlighting and silhouetting your subject to obscure their features can be efficient, while side lighting can help create atmosphere.

5. Take candid photos.

Pose shots can look a little…posed at times. Since certain people don’t look good in posed situations, moving to a candid approach may be beneficial. Our Professional Photographers Wollongong take pictures of your subject at work, with their families, or doing something they enjoy. It will put them at ease, and you will end up with some unique shots of your subject responding naturally to their surroundings. You may even want to get a longer zoom lens to give your subject more room and go all “paparazzi” on them.