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February 21, 2020
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Tips for Photographing Naughty & Uncooperative Kids

Kids Photography Wollongong

Photographing uncooperative kids can be a tiring experience and requires a lot of patience. They may run, cry, throw temper tantrum and never listen to your instructions during a photoshoot. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be photographed.  We have complied some tips which can help you to tackle these impish kids and capture some amazing photographs.  

  • Know their personality: Before you get started take some time to talk to their parents about their personality, liking and disliking because every kid is different. Doing this could surely help you understand them properly and this way you can build a connection with them.
  • Give them something colorful to sit or hold: We all know that kids have a tendency to attract towards flashy and colorful things. It’s better to have a chair, rocking horse or a stool for them to sit or just give them a small toy to hold. But make sure to get everything ready before making your kid sit or hold the item.
  • Sticking something interesting on the top of your camera: We understand how challenging it can get for you to make your kid look at the camera. Try sticking something interesting over the camera or tie something lighting on your head or wrist like bells, flashy headbands or cute bunny ears. You can then ask them to recognize the thing you have tied on your head.
  • Make them wear something they love: To capture some really good photos, get your kids dressed in the costumes inspired by their favourite movie characters, TV shows, role models etc. Ask them to play out a scene in their costumes and you can try to shoot them. It’s a win-win. They will enjoy it and you can get pictures.
  • Invite their friends: Kids always love to play with their friends and barely notice you. Ask them to play some engaging games they love and you can then take a variety of natural pictures of your kids in action.

These are some of the ways we used in our Kid Photography session in Wollongong to approach this quirky kid in the picture. Do you have some other tips or suggestions in your mind? Don’t forget to share them in emails!

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