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February 14, 2020
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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the beautiful forms of photography and challenging too. It is all about capturing personality and attitude of a person with the right utilization of background and other supporting elements. Here, the challenge for the portrait photographer is to click a picture which looks natural and connects with the audience.

Portrait photography is one such genre of portrait photography which does not require expensive as well as fancy equipment. It’s all about clicking person’s character instead of capturing a technically perfect photo.

What makes a photo portrait and what is its significance?

A photo becomes a portrait when the subject with other elements like background and lighting can raise a sense of connection between viewer and the subject in the picture. Portrait photography is important because it helps in personal branding, make a picture lively by showcasing feelings or for personal pleasure.

Different types of Portrait Photography

  • Traditional portrait

A traditional portrait usually has the person looking straight at the camera with a pose.

  • Lifestyle portrait

This type of portrait photography depicts the everyday environment of the person by capturing a candid picture.

  • Environmental portrait

Environmental portrait gives equal importance to the background along with the person posing as the subject.

  • Street portrait

Street portraits are candid and the poses along with actions of the person are unplanned.

  • Beauty portrait

This type of photography involves focus on the beauty of the person with the help of professional makeup and wardrobe.

Tips for Portrait Photography

  • Portrait photography is all about capturing people and their personality. There is no need have the technically correct photographs. The importance should be given on how to click lively pictures so that it can connect with the viewers. The best way to click unique portraits is to capture the candid photos.
  • The background should match the subject of the portrait. Portrait photographers can choose a location which reflects the character of the person to add interest in the portrait.
  • The golden rule for great portrait photography is to stand a step back and don’t take a close up of the subject. It will help in reducing any chances of distortion.
  • Use of flashlight can be a bad option for portrait photography as it will make the photo look flat and uninteresting.

The above points reflect to the fact that though Portrait Photography does not require any technical equipment, still it is not an easy task. The goal is to click natural photos which are able to connect with the viewers. If you are looking for skillful portrait photographers you can refer to Monster Photography who has one of the best professional portrait photographers. If you are in Wollongong and in nearby suburbs, you can contact Monster photography for capturing portraits in the best way.

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