Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography Tips

Outdoor photography is that genre of photography that offers a wider spectrum to the photographer for clicking dynamic pictures at different locations. Outdoor photography is the first choice of those who have just started their career in it as they don’t need to invest money to set up indoor studio. Following are some major tips to have top class outdoor photography session:

Packing of essentials

For outdoor photography, especially at remote location, it becomes vital to pack things smartly so that you have adequate material in terms of shooting equipment as well as food, water and sun screen for daytime shoots.

Look for the best time for shooting

Afternoons can be very difficult for outdoor photography unless the weather is overcast. Shooting portraits won’t be a great idea as well in the mid-day.  Early mornings and evenings are the best time to shoot outdoors because fewer harsh shadows can be found at that time.

Altering the Light

The general rule in the outdoor photography is to not shoot pictures towards the sun. It will result in wash out pictures or dark shadow pictures. That is why working with the light is very important for great outdoor photography. The best way to shoot is to have sun behind you for beautiful photographs.

Shooting in RAW format

The RAW format allows the photographer flexibility in the processing of photographs later on and allows the photographer to get the desired photograph.

Use of Wide – Angle Lens

These lenses are very popular for shooting landscape photographs. Wide-angles lens is an ideal option for shooting a picture where there is a lot of foreground.

Use of Slow shutter speed

Outdoor photographer should find opportunity to use slow shutter speed in order to create long exposures. One can blur the movement of objects like rushing of waterfalls and drifting clouds for giving unimaginable effects in the photographs.

Look for horizon

When clicking the photographs, make sure the horizon is perfectly level in the scene. The position of the horizon generally depends on the situation. For example, we keep the horizon lower if we are focusing on the beauty of sky or we raise it if we want to include foreground in the photograph. Most of the time, we avoid keeping the horizon in the center because then the photograph looks like cut into two halves.

The above points reflect to the fact that why Outdoor Photography is the most popular choice for those who have just started their career in professional photography. If you are looking for outdoor photographers you can refer to Monster Photography who has one of the best known professional outdoor photographers. If you are in Wollongong and in nearby suburbs, you can contact Monster photography for professional outdoor photography in the best way possible.