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March 13, 2020
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Black and White Photography

black and white photography

Black and White Photography has something magical and eye catching about it. It showcases endless beauty, brings emotions to photos and different contrast as well. Black and white photography used to rule the world of photography before the arrival of colored photography and it has not lost its importance ever. Yes, colored photography is great but black and white photos bring a different perspective to the picture which can’t be expressed by colored photos. Let’s look at some black and white photography tips for beginners:

Need for Inspiration

If you want to click exceptional black and white photos, inspiration is a must. One can have it by watching black and white photos and movies and assess how things shape up.

Focus on Contrast

Since black and white photography is all about black, white and shades, it is essential to focus on the contrast in the pictures you click. For example, a bright sky will look amazing when a dark objected is contrasted in the scene.

Shoot in RAW format

For professional black and white photography, RAW format is the format which is your right hand. RAW format allows the photographer to edit photos with a lot of options and one can change it back to color as well.

Experimentation with Exposure

Black and white photography is one such genre which is good for those who likes experimenting with exposure. By underexposing or overexposing, unique and magnificent effects can be added. Shooting landscapes in black and white mode are considered the best.

Use of Flash

Flash can be your go to mode in black and white photography. It has been observed that flash creates different shades of grey which gives dramatic effects to the photos. One must give it a try.

Pattern in the photograph

An ideal photo has some kind of pattern in it. It helps in drawing the attention of the viewer and increases engagement with the photograph. Patterns work really fine in this type of photography because there are no colors which can be distracting.

The above points reflect to the fact that Black and White Photography is very interesting. It gives a different mood to the subject of the photograph and grabs attention of everyone. If you are looking for skillful black and white photographers you can refer to Monster Photography who has one of the best professional photographers. If you are in Wollongong and in nearby suburbs, you can contact Monster photography for majestic black and white photography.

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