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All about Fashion Photography and its types!

All about Fashion Photography and its types!

Over the period of time, the fashion photography has evolved and developed its own aesthetic. The fashion photographers work passionately to show accessories and apparels in such a way that makes their client look more enticing. As we all know, fashion photography is a very competitive and diverse industry, so it has different styles and genres. If you are someone who is also interested in learning more about fashion photography, then keep this list of fashion photography styles handy with you.

Basically, there are 4 fashion photography styles. Let us see how each category is different from the other one.

  1. Catalog Photography – This Catalog Photography style is generally used by the companies who intend to sell their products to the consumers. It is the simplest type of photography and sometimes also known as “Product Photography”. The models show off the outfits and make sure to position themselves in a way to highlights product’s features.
  • Street Fashion – Street fashion photography is all about capturing portraits or paparazzi shots. Street style photography shoots are spontaneous and photographers shoot random people who are dressed uniquely on the streets. This type of photography is gaining much attention these days and mainly focus on showcasing how fashionistas and fashion bloggers dress up and make a fashion statement.
  • High Fashion – Big brands and labels often choose to feature supermodels, famous actors, actresses using this type of high fashion photography. High fashion is often thought as the opposite of the street fashion. To give a glamorous and flawless look to the model, all elements like location, hair-do, makeup, styling, wardrobe works together.
  • Editorial Fashion Photography – The goal of editorial fashion photography is to tell a story with the help of different visuals. It can involve several brands, themes, attires, scenes and most importantly different props. This style of photography requires creativity and can have many challenges for a photographer who is shooting.

Apart from these 4 photography styles, there are other genres too like beauty editorial, Look book, advertising fashion photography etc. so you’re looking to make career in fashion photography, you don’t have to choose a single type of photography. Rather you can learn to capture pictures in different styles to make yourself a well-rounded photographer.

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