Challenges of being a Wedding Photographer
Challenges of being a Wedding Photographer
December 26, 2019
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January 13, 2020
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Tips and Tricks for Event Photography

Tips and Tricks for Event Photography

Event Photography looks simple but is very challenging in actual. To shoot best possible photographs, experience and preparation is a must. Let’s look at some tricks and tips which will help you cover an event in the best way:


The first thing which comes into the mind when you start preparation is the logistics. Keep all the photography tools required according to the setting of the event for best snaps. Researching about the event and its requirements is also a major task to do. When it comes to your attire, it should be neutral in color.


The photography gear totally depends on the kind of environment in which the event is happening. If the requirements are not special, then an external power flash with diffuser or reflector, full frame DSLR with high range zoom, extra batteries and memory cards must be with you.  Suppose the function is in a large hall, then a telephoto lens can be very handy. If the event is fully packed with people, then a wide will be helpful.


The trick of reaching early at the venue can be beneficial. That time can be used to build a relationship with the guests. This will help guests get comfortable with your presence around and the eventually photos will look great. Taking photos of the venue before the commencement of the event will help the event photographer to adjust with the environment and keep himself ready with the tools required for clicking best possible photos.


We all know that the candid photos look far more interesting when compared to people posing for pictures. So, having a mix of both will add a different flavor to the event album. You need to be on toes for clicking lovely candid photos.


Usually people like photos which are clicked in natural light. But sometimes conditions demand the use of artificial light in low light situations. It is suggested that the use of flash in the indoor events can be great as the flash will rebound of the white ceiling and the photos will look natural. Use of flash in outdoor event strongly depends on the natural light.


An ideal group shot is clicking the picture of a group which has 3-5 people. It is recommended that you must mix up the shots like shooting half body or clicking a head shot. It is advised to take shots with longer focal length.

These qualities reflect to the fact that event photography is a challenging task. Clicking high quality photos at events require tremendous skill. If you are looking for skillful event photographers you can refer to Monster Photography who has one of the best event photographers. If you are in Wollongong and in nearby suburbs, you can contact Monster photography for capturing the events in the best way.

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