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June 12, 2014
September 16, 2014
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Aerial Photography in Wollongong

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Aerial Photography in Wollongong! And WOW you get some views with this quad copters… I wish I could fly myself, but not that lucky yet.

I have added a new Toy to my list. Ladies and Gentlemen Please welcome DJI PHANTOM 2  to our house. It is an amazing toy which brings lots of enjoyment to the work. Additionally it is doing amazing job capturing Videos.

If you have not visited my Youtube Channel , you probably should give me a visit there and press like on some of the videos. Anyway, what I was going to say? O yeah, DJI can do a very good job in Aerial Photography and Aerial Video Capturing… I loved the quality of the video. Probably have a look at this video :


Of course I have edited the video with a software (CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Ultimate Suit) and it was kinda fun to play around with too.

It took me few hours to do the video, and probably I can do a better job if I spend more time but I am kinda happy with the outcome and hopefully you have liked it too.  I am planning to do more shoot like this and do more videos with the phantom to make myself a pro. Probably I can use this device to do some real estate job or maybe wedding photography/Special Edition. Lol… We will see how it goes.

O I have done another edit too… It is a short version of this video with a different music and different software (Ezvid) but I can say that Cyberlink was wayyyyyyyyyyy more powerful!

Here is the other Sky Photo shooting (North Wollongong Beach):

Additionally I have done Photo shooting to test the camera and the quality of the photo. Of-course it is not as good as DSLR camera but boy, it does a good job with its size!

Have a look at the Aerial Photo shoot or Aerial photography in the album below and probably Start following me in Instagram.




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